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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Building IEP Skills for Families

This course aims to build effective communication and collaboration skills for family members participating in an IEP.  Dr. Sheri Wilkins is the instructor for this course. Please have a journal ready as you take this course. There will be several opportunities for reflection and planning your communication. 

Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning (PCP) is a course designed to provide a firm understanding of the philosophy and process of thinking and planning in a person centered way. EVERYBODY should do this course. Whether you are a newly employed support person or a seasoned professional or manager, this course will allow you to truly understand what it means to provide support to a someone in a "Person Centered" manner.

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Autism for Family Members

This course provides foundational information on the characteristics of autism and what is involved in the diagnostic process.  In addition, it looks at the overall impact on whole families, and provides information on effective supports and resources for families. 

Transitioning Between Activities

People spend their day transitioning from one activity to another with little or no thought as to how they do it or consider the process involved. Whatever the setting, school, work, home, we largely complete these transitions naturally and without consequence. While natural to most people, individuals with Autism can have difficulty in changing between activities and coping with changes to their schedule or environment. This "quick" course will provide you with tools to help people with Autism.